The association

The Association was founded by a group of some musicians to promote the enhancement of the organ and organ music.
Our territory has a heritage of historical organs to be enhanced.

With this project, Organ in Progress intends to re-evaluate the organs that have remained unknown and that currently, have only had few and sporadic interventions this far. Through concerts, conferences, competitions, master classes, documentaries, concert lessons for schools and projects for Italian and European children and young talents, we want to spread the culture of this noble instrument more and more. With the contribution of some scholars, it will be possible to rediscover the organ literature relating to the past centuries with particular attention to those masters who have worked in our area.

For this we have planned a series of events that will take place in 2020.

Organ in Progress objective

Organ in Progress is an international non-profit association of organists that work to promote activities related to the organ and organ literature to achieve diffusion and enhancement of the instrument.

a) In autonomy and in compliance with the principle of national and international openness, it promotes any useful initiative to spread and enhance the musical culture. In particular it
manages the training of organists through specialization courses, competitions, concerts and conferences;

b) It promotes historical research and conservation, providing technical and scientific support in the restoration processes and in the construction of new instruments;

c) It promotes and organizes concerts, research and experimentation activities, also in collaboration with other institutions, foundations and associations operating in the musical or cultural field both in italian provinces and abroad;

d) It promotes and organizes meetings and study trips for the purpose of regional, national and international exchange of experiences in the field of music;

e) It promotes musical documentation and research;

f) It provides the purchasing and supplying of musical instrument required for the performance of the association’s activities. In exercising its functions in the field of cultural activities and research, the association coordinates its interventions through special conventions and agreements, with public and private entities present in the provincial territory. For this purpose it can participate and collaborate with national and foreign academic institutions in training projects, reviews and concerts;

g) It can achieve its purposes also through:
– realization of research projects, conferences, lectures, seminars and concerts;

– the stipulation of deeds or contracts to manage and finance its activities, as well as agreements, with public and private entities in compliance with the aims of the association;

– participation in associations, bodies and institutions, public and private, whose activity is relevant to the purposes of the association, as well as the contribution to their establishment;

– the production, diffusion, publishing, audiovisual and discography activities.

Artistic director