M° Luigi Ratti


He received his first musical education from his mother, and studied piano with Maurizio Innocenti and composition with Antonio Galanti. He graduated in organ playing at the Luigi Cherubini conservatory in Florence under the guidance of Andrea Vannucchi and in the teaching of music at the Giacomo Puccini conservatory at La Spezia.

He perfected his training at the Academy of Italian Organ Music. He studied Italian renaissance and baroque organ music with Luigi Ferdinanco Tagliavini and Spanish with Jose Luis Gonzales Uriol: he also studied with Jean Boyer and Jacques van Oortmerssen, with whom he strengthened his interpretation of the works of Johnann Sebastian Bach. He studied romantic German writing for organ with Klemens Schnorr and with Ludger Lohmann. The latter, during the spring courses of 2001, identified him as the best participant by assigning him a concert award.

In 2006, he founded the group Le Passion dell’Ame, specialising in the performance of baroque music. He took part in numerous concerts, as a soloist and in various instrumental and vocal formations.

With regard to composition, he has written numerous pieces for the piano and recorded a CD for Domino Produzioni.

He is currently named organist at the church of San Pietro Apostolo at Avenza (Massa Carrara), the church of San Francesco at Sarzana (La Spezia) and the church of San Benedetto at Montelungo (Massa Carrara). ). He is the artistic director of the International Organ Festival of Avenza.

For many years he has been involved in instrumental teaching activities and promotes a project for the study of the organ for students 9 years and upwards.

He is the founder and coordinator of the artistic committee of the international association Organ in Progress, which promotes initiatives to disseminate and enhance organ heritage and literature (www.organinprogress.com). Recently he has recorded a CD of music by Tuscan organists from 700-800, performed on the organ of Serafini Paoli of Avenza-Carrara. He has held concerts right across Italy and in other European countries.